DXN Sakura Cup 2018 – Round 1 Race Report


DXN Sakura Cup 2018 kicked off with a bang! Round 1 brought in 130 car entries for an action packed day of racing – and tuning. Racers were competing for awesome prizes that Tamiya USA provided as well as a very cool Sakura Cup Edition Trophy that was made by DXN Provisions and Chris Lee Design. You can see them in the image above. I had to take pictures of the trophies with my cars because the colors matched so perfectly. (Spoiler alert, I didn’t win them.) Haha

The track layout can be seen here. The track layout was a good mix of technical and speed. You needed a fast car to win, but go too fast and it was really hard to make it stick in the track. I suppose that’s almost all Mini 4WD tracks though. The starting line is all the way on the left where the picture gets cut off and goes in the direction towards the window.

A lot of racers came out for Round 1 of the DXN Sakura Cup. Here are some sights from race day.

Racing started at around 1:30pm and ended at about 6pm. It started with Box Stock Class and was followed by Tuned Class and finished with Open Class. That’s a lot of racing for the day. To keep things organized and racers ready for their heats, DXN has a screen set up that you can reference to see what’s going on. It’s a real time saver and helps racers stay prepared for their time on the track.

The final points standings for the DXN Sakura Cup can be seen below. If you missed this first event, it’s not too late! They are only counting your best finish of 4 out of 6 races so you can technically miss 2 events and still be in the running for the series championship. The next race is on Feb. 10, come out and get your points!

Points are awarded as follows:
Race Start: +1 point
Each Race Win: +1 point
Bonus Points for Top 3 Finishers
1st Place: +4 points
2nd Place: +2 points
3rd Place: +1 point

For my Tuned Class car, I decided to lose some weight last minute and painted a poly body to replace my hard plastic body. I painted it to match the other cars in the Mini 4WD team I’m on called Team Kuso.

Here are the two cars I raced, the Avante in front is my Tuned car and the Vanquish is my Open car. For the Tuned, it’s an AR chassis running a Torque Tuned motor with 3.5:1 gear ratio. The Open car is an MA chassis car running a Light Dash motor with 3.5:1 gears. Both cars stuck on the track but got knocked out because they were too slow. I need to push them harder next race.

Here’s a shot of them with another Team Kuso car:

Again, it’s not too late to join in on the points series and even if you don’t want to race for the championship, you can come out and race just for the day. The next race is on Feb. 10, come out and have a ton of fun!

More info:

DXN Sakura Cup 2018 Points Series: http://massdamper.jp/dxn-sakura-cup-2018-mini-4wd-championship-series

M4Race.com: http://m4race.com/threads/round-1-sakura-cup-point-series.288/#post-1370

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